Hindu Heritage Study Program 
A Companion to the Study of Hinduism - Part IV
HR 255.04
Principles and Practice of Hindu Dharma
~ Level - 2
Vedas and Ritualistic Practice
A Collection of the Texts Available that gives the Divine Message
for Everyone to Study, Understand and Practice in Rituals
Selected Prayers and Hymns from the Vedic Scriptures to Recite
- 01 -
Manthra Pushpam
Part - IV



Yopãm Pushpam Vedha - Pushpavãn Prajaavãn Pasumãn B'havathi
Chandramãpã vã Apãm Pusham - Pushpavãn Prajaavãn Pasumãn B'havathi
Ya Ye'vam Vedha - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan Bhavathi
--------------- 1
Agnirvaa Aapaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yo Aghneraam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Agner-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Yevam Veda - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
---------------- 2
Vaayorvaa Apaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yo Vaayor-aayathanam vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Vaayor-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
---------------- 3

Asovvaitha pannapaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yo Mushyathapa -thaayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Amushyathapa -thaayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
---------------- 4

Chandramaavaa Apaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yach Chandramasa Aayathanam vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Chandramasa Aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopaamaayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
------------------ 5
Nakshathraanivaa Apaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yo Nakshathraanaa Apaam-aayathanam - Vedha Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Nakshathraanaa Aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
----------------- 6
Parjanyovaa Apaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yaf: Parjanyasy-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Parjanyasy-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopaam-aayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
------------------ 7
Samvathsarovaa Apaam-aayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Yas Samvathsars Yaayathanam Vedha - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Aapovai Samvathsars Yaayathanam - Aayatha-navaan B'havathi
Ya Evam Vedha - Yopsu Naavam Prati Thishti tham Vedha - Prathyathi thishtathi ---------- 8
Manthra Pushpam
Meaning and Significance
It is customary to recite Manthra Pushpam, or a short version of it, at the conclusion of all major prayer rituals in the Temples and at home pooja functions. Often we offer flowers to the Deities at this time making some people to think that this is something to do with the flowers [pushpam]. The verses of Manthra pushpam is given in Yajurveda. It is actually a recitation about the origin and evolution of the natural forces like water, air, fire, earth, Sun and the stars and not just praising God. This is to show that the Vedas are really texts of scientific knowledge and the recitation is one way to keep it in memory to pass it on to our progeny.
The meaning of the verse is as follows: The world is all made of water and is the basic of everything and is worthy of our prayers. As water is cool so also the moon is cool like a flower of the water. He who understands this gets all prosperity [with progeny and cattle]. Fire is also a producer of this water and the air is a producer of the fire. As the sea water raises as vapor to the clouds and falls as rain to give us the warmth and prosperity, the Sun is related to the water. As we see the star [through astrological position] which determines the rain and prosperity, we see the relation of stars for all this prosperity through water. Each year, as we get the rainy season to get our rains, the year around seasons get importance. On this water the world revolves around like a boat sailing in the ocean and he who understands this gets all the prosperity.

-- Translation helped by Sri Raja Rathna Bhattar

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