Truth is One Paths are Many

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Will Some One Tell Me What the Great Religions Believe?
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6. Sects, Faiths & Beliefs

In his search of the Divine, man has created innumerable smaller "faiths."
These spiritual paths are often charismatic or mystical in source or nature
and have a powerful spiritual presence despite being numerically small.

A few examples:

== Spiritualism:

Spiritualism holds that there is another, perhaps deeper, reality on "the other side" which can be contacted by mediums or psychics who have sufficient sensitivity. It is one of the oldest forms of communion.

== Shamanism:

This broad term includes the thousands of tribal faiths which have existed on every continent since long before recorded history. Beliefs include a deep sense of the sacredness of life and of the earth, communion with spirit guides and in the ability of man to live in harmony with and influence nature.

== Theosophy:

Inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism and founded in 1875 by Madame Blavatsky and Colonel H.S. Olcott, Theosophy emphasizes mystical experience, esoteric doctrines and monism. Theosophists seek universal brotherhood, exploring the unexplained laws of nature and the psychic powers latent in man.

== Universalism:

Many faiths are based on universalist principles, often as a conscious effort to avoid certain doctrines which are seen as narrow or sectarian. Universalism arises in all religions, whether Christian (Unitarianism), Islam (Baha'i), Jain (Rajneeshism) or Hindu (dozens of integrating all-religions movements, such as those of Satya Sāī Bāba, Krishnamūrti and Mahārshi Mahesh Yogī).

== OTHER FAITHS & Traditions:
Among thousands of other faiths are: indigenous people's tribal religions, humanitarianism, neo-Indian religion, shamanism, Anthroposophy, Swedenborgianism, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Scientology, Eckankar, channeling, witchcraft, Paganism, occultism, Subud, mysticism, Freemasonry, Satan worship, Huna, Voodoo, Santaria, Sufism, Baha'i, Rosicrucianism, Christian Science and Religious Science.

Some may believe in more than one Tradition

A Sampling of Beliefs of Faiths

1. I believe in the fundamental unity and common source of all religions (Baha'i and Universalism).

2. I believe man's natural spirituality is best expressed in loving and practical aid to his fellow man, rather than metaphysical inquiry (Humanitarianism).

3. I believe in the unity of religions, the efficacy of devotion, sādhana and service and in Satya Sāī Bāba as the living Incarnation of God (Saiism).

4. I believe that spiritual progress comes through analysis of current and past life experiences which resolve past karma most directly (Scientology).

5. I believe that there is no God beyond the Divine within man and no truth beyond existential freedom, that all religions imprison man, causing repression, fear and poverty (Rajneeshism).

6. I believe man's sense of the sacred can be fulfilled naturally, without formal worship, houses of God, ceremony, creeds or theology (various faiths).

7. I believe religion consists of unitive and direct mystical experience which should be the objective of every religious aspirant (mysticism).

8. I believe that the cultivation of occult powers including ESP, as\\tral travel, past life readings, etc., is the highest pursuit of that which is spiritual (occultism).

9. I believe in the intimate relationship of man, Spirit and the earth-which is a living, sacred being-and in the brotherhood of all creatures (indigenous tribalism).

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