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This is a web site developed on Hindu Religion, to create lessons on - its Principles, Philosophy, Practice, Rituals and Traditions. It is suited for all highschool and college students and also for the parents who want to learn about it to teach their children. It is also a good site for non Hindus to learn about this faith and compare it to their own religion. These sites are corrected, edited, updated and improved every week. There are also links to many other important sites.
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Please surf these sites and if you like them, please inform your friends and relatives around the world about it by copying the above message in e-mail. The information and pictures presented are given as a service to the community to inform them of the basic message of this Faith, culture and tradition.. If anything published on this site is against your copyright or patent rights, please inform me to make necessary changes and corrections.
Samples of mail received in 2001 to 2003
Here are the letters I recently received: --


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for such an informative and helpful website. I have just finished researching an essay for my World Cultures class and your site has been the most clear, extensive, and student-friendly that I have encountered. Not only have you improved my paper but you have sparked my interest in this subject and I will continue to visit Sadhana in the future.
Thank you again!
M. Acree.

Subject: your website
I have just found this excellant site which is very interesting and informative .
I hope to learn a lot from it during future visits.
Please e-mail me with updates.
Kind Regards
Ronnie Mc Dowell
(Northern Ireland)
Hi, I'm writing from Canada.I wanted to tell you that of all the religious sites online I have ever
encountered your site is IMO one of the very best. It's concise, easy to comprehend, and accurate.
(and as a manager of an online religious community who amalgamated [and read in the process]
pages of religious web-sites, I have seen the gamut.)
Thank you for your website. I am a 37 year old student at the University of Phoenix writing
a paper on Hinduism. Your website has been of great help.
From what I have learned, Hinduism is cool!
Paul Romero
Date: April 09, 2002
Subject: Great Site
I came across your web site while searching the net. It has a
good deal of very useful information about Sanatana Dharma. You've done a great job with it. Whenever you have a chance, please take a look at my site, Dharma Central at www.dharmacentral.com Also please consider having
a link to my site. Thanks, and continued success!
Om Shanti,
Dr. Frank Morales

Dr. Frank Gaetano Morales
Founder/President, Upasana Yoga Society
(608) 280-8375

Dharma Central: www.dharmacentral.com

I have red your very nice homepage about Hinduism.
The reason why I am sending you e-mail, is that I am a student in a Swedish university hoping to become a teacher here in Sweden. The subject that I am studying is, at the moment, religion. And my homework is to
find out good and proper information for my future students about Hinduism. Unfortunately there are not many pages at the Internet that give the reader a proper view concerning this matter. Most of them are ethnocentric and do not give the reader the right information. But yours is a very good one, and I would like to know, if that is all right, more about the source and about the author. Maybe you wonder why?
I had hope to recommend your website to my university and my future pupils.
I hope you forgive my terrible English!
Sincerely Lena Gustavsson

My name is Sanjay. I am a 21 year old Canadian. Currently in my 4th year in accounting. As a young child I was never taught the mother tongue, nor the religion of Hindu.
As confused as I was growing up, believing bits and pieces of what I heard, I really never understood what Hindu Religion was really aboutt, that and as well life in general.
Thanks to your website, not only do I have a better understanding about my religion, it also gave me a type of "peace" knowing that I am on the right track on life.

I intend to keep check on this website, and hoping to expand
my knowledge on the person I will become.

Thank you
To: sadhana@us-hindus.com
Subject: [none]
From: "Mrs Dillon" <mrsdillon@hotmail.com>
I am a grade 11 teacher of World Religions. I wanted to say THANK YOU for your website...
it is comprehensive, easy to read and definately student-friendly.
It is the best that I have seen since I started teaching this course five years ago.


From: "Harsha Patel" <Harsha.Patel@kcma.edu>

just wanted to tell you that your website is awesome! But I do have one question and maybe you could help me. My name is Harsha (I thought you should know) and I go to a Christian College. I am a practicing Hindu but don't know enough about my own religion. My friends ask me all the time how we as Hindus believe the world was created (In christianitythey believe that God created the earth and the heaven and adam and eve). I don't know how to answer their question. Could you possibly tell me how we believe the world and humans were created? I know I SHOULD know but I don't. If you could give me a link to a website or a name of a book that would be good too. I have attempted to ask brhaman at the temple all the time but never got to it. IF you could do this I would truly appreciate it. ----- Thank you so much!

---- Dear Bala, Thank you so much for writing me back. I truly appreciate the time you took to write me. This does explain a lot. I just read you article and it makes so much more sense. I had all the knowledge in me, from my parents, but I didn't know how to put it all together, I guess I didn't have the dots connected. Until now I told people that I didn't know anything about my religion,but the truth was I was afraid of judgements and comments from them. But now I will openly tell them about my faith. -------- But I do thank you for your time.
Jai shri krishna,

From: Apricot273@aol.com

Subject: Thank You!!
I am just writing a quick thank you to let you know that I really appreciate your website. I work with jr. high students and we are studying world religions and your website was clear, informative, and helpful. So thank you so much for taking the time to make such a valuable website.

From: Mary Dwyer;

I wish to express my gratitude for having found your website! Its comprehensiveness is astounding to me and gave me the opportunity to gather enough information on the various other major and minor religions to know what fits and doesn't fit my belief system. Hinduism, as I have intuitively known for some time is the religion of all religions and I am looking forward to the active study of it. Thank you so much for making this knowledge available to me. You are my people.

Sincerely, Mary Dwyer



Dear Dr Aiyer,
I was very happy to find your webpages. It gave a systematic and clear understanding of Hinduism. Since most text on religion tend to be complicated, I found your webpage easy to comprehend. There were other texts which I refer from our uni library, but yours also went beyond and explain the beauty of religion in terms of making it as a way of life. This exactly resonates the practice in Malaysia, that is, religion as a way of life. Well Dr Aiyer, I hope my research will come out tops. It is in all, to plan housing for the elderly people in Malaysia which mainly comprise people of the three religion mentioned above. Presently, I'm a full-time postgraduate finishing a PhD at the Uni of Queensland, married to an Australian who shares similar passion to bring people to celebrate diversity.

Dr Aiyer, thank you again for allowing me to reference your article. All the very best.

Warm Regards,
Yusnani Mohd Yusof


Thank you all



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